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Alomst another year passes

My blog is my main focus now and I have bought www.ianhoar.com. If you want to geek out sometime stop by.

May 16.08

Slow with the updates

No updates for well over a year. I did end up making quite a few changes to the forgotten map, but alas it is forgotten again. I will leave the site up, because you never know when I might get back into mapping, or any game work for that matter. I am toying with the idea of building a web based game. For now, all my old work is still here.

I have a blog set up now, which I hope will get updated more than this site.

June 25.07

Hellfog is back!

A screenshot from my newest map. Try the beta now.

After 4 and a half years I’ve decided to resurrect my mapping site. It use to be hosted on the Backburner, which went down a few years back. My renewed interest in mapping stemmed from a number of things. After a long bout with RSI and carpel tunnel syndrome I can now use my computer again with minimal pain. :) That and the fact that I tried several new FPS games and it re-ignited that desire to create. Anyway, I started working on an old map from over 4 years ago that I had almost completed. This allowed me to come up to speed with GtkRadiant again. The map is called forgotten, fitting I think.

So anyway, all that was left to do was set up a new hellfog, and here it is.

January 04.06