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portraitI have been gaming for pretty much my entire life. My first real gaming systems were an Intellivision, followed by a Commodore 64 and I have never looked back. I even played around with basic game programing on the C64. I did not really do any game creation again until Quake2 when I started to learn how to map.

Hellfog was originally created in 2000. I updated it for roughly two years and then the Backburner gaming site went down which is where I was hosted. I didn't bother getting the site up because at the time I was very busy and was just married.

Later I had a bad bout with RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome which kept me away from games for over a year. If you ever feel pain in your wrists or fingers DO NOT IGNORE IT, it can lead to very serious problems and fast. Slowly I have been able to play them again, although not as much as I use too. After getting back into FPS games like Half Life 2, and Doom 3 I decided I wanted to start mapping again. I fired up GtkRadiant and dusted off my mapping skills. I decided to revive my last Quake3 map which I feel is my best Quake3 map to date, Forgotten, aptly named due to its time in limbo.

I use to go by the nick Slater, but when I started mapping people started referring to me by my website name as Hellfog, so I guess if I start death matching on line I'll use that nick instead.

Hopefully I'll get into mapping for some of the newer games out there soon. I have always liked working with 3D applications, but I find mapping the most rewarding because what other medium allows you to actually enter your creation and walk around. I hope some of my maps entertain the community as much as they entertained me while creating them.